Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A Meditation about the thingness of objects

Here's the results of my project about thing theory.
In situ

The comments were generally pretty positive. Of course, it was mentioned that in order for someone to buy the meditative aspect of the large drawing, it's gotta be 50 yards long. But some of the other comments are:
-interesting texture, a meditation
-both could be objects
-autonomous thing as object
-they both seem to speak about boundaries
-smaller piece: scale forces you to engage, play with your expectation, then you fall into it
-large piece may have worked better if the drawing extended into the roll

So what I got out of this work is that I do enjoy drawing as an art practice in itself. I loved making the large drawing as much as the small Malevich-inspired one. This project turned into more about a statement of drawing, so maybe they fail as object/things, but they work pretty well as art.

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