Sunday, December 12, 2010

Watching the Highway Cams (On a Snowy Night)

Watching the Highway Cams (On a Snowy Night), 48" by 36", Oil on canvas, 2010

I tap nervously on the touch pad
back to the screen
where roads blur under the snow
headlights and brakes shining
in the fuzzy darkness
every few minutes
I stop what I'm doing
anch check the screen
hoping to see you driving safely home
I worry as I see trucks and semis
pulled over to the side of the road
getting buried in snow
I watch a video about Richard Serra
and think about how his structures
could hold off the snow and allow you to get home safe

my eyes get itchy and tired
I let my mind slacken and wander
I'm awakened by your text message
"Got home safe <33338"
my heart fills with joy
and I am finally able to rest

The process:
1st pass

2nd pass-ish

3rd pass and then some

4th and 5th pass

maybe 6th, probably 7th

8th and 9th