Monday, April 23, 2018

Depth of Field (BFA Grad Show remix)

Here are some images from my installation of Depth of Field for the BFA Grad Show Exhibition (April 20-28). 

It changed shape pretty dramatically because it needed to relate to the high ceilings and available framework on which to string up the sheets of cellophane. It has a more ethereal and calming feel than the tighter version that I had set up in my studio space for critique. I think this version is more successful because of the lovely ambient light from the window and also the reflection from the freshly scrubbed and dubbed floor (thanks classmates).
One aspect of the work that came more into focus in this version was the movement from incidental air currents from the vents and viewers. I was aware of this element from my previous install, but this location for the piece allowed viewers to interact and, to some extent, control how the sheets would sway, twist, and shiver. I think it added a playfulness to the piece, allowing it to become less obdurate (at least in my mind) than before. 
I loved watching people's faces light up with excitement and curiosity as they engaged with the work. It was very gratifying, to say the least :)