Wednesday, October 29, 2008

had a great sesh with Lynette today
we are finally nailing down exactly what we are going to do for the 10 minute piece.
warmed up with some interpretive drawings of the arabian music she had on... then some drawings based on what she was doing to the music. my first impression of her style of dance FUN! she would use the word Joyous. but i'll let these lil' sketches speak for them selves.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting closer to what i think would work on a stage. A large canvas at the back of the stage so i can paint lynette while she's obscured from view. and make my way across the canvas. and then we can switch sides and she can dance her way across to the other side.
i'll use bright acrylic paints or tempera and use possibly two brushes.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Brainstorm sesh

We had our brain storming sesh as to what Lynette and i are going to do for our piece on movement. it didn't take long to decide that we are going to incorporate gestural painting with freeflowing intuition/improvisational dance.
Somehow, we are going to play on the idea aswell that Lynette will be dancing out of view of the audience and i will be painting her so the focus is on the visual aspect of movement... then she will come into view and i will bugger off and she will respond to what i have done... and then i will either start another one or play on what she has responded too... perhaps she could add to the picture somehow? and then we'll tie it together by her and i working at the same time in full view of each other.
Our next meeting is on Wednesday and we will start jamming and choosing some music. I've gotta go check out art store and see if there's some sort of vicose paint that i can use that'll enable me to create long flowing stokes without having to recharge the brush too frequently.
So yeah! this'll be awesome. Lynette is great to work with too cuz she's open and enthusiastic. It's gonna be great... i'm going to paint onstage too... wow!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some initial thoughts and ideas.
1. notion of fluidity with regards to movement. dripping, drying, brushing, marking
2. colour movement: the idea of complementary colour, simultaneous constrasts, the push and pull of warm and cool hues
3. displacement of the body in time and space... could be just the displacement of form in time and space.

there is ofcourse the obvious gesture painting while my partner dances... a visual representation of movement... this might actually fit the bill... but we'll see what Lynette thinks.
the idea of using a tennis ball or some unusual object as an implement of making marks would be appropriate... possible dipped in ink.
link to Tomorrow Collective website

pretty awesome stuff

a couple of images i found on the internet to generate some ideas

Partner has been chosen

So last night i was paired up with my partner for this project. It was cool, about ten of us went over to Holly's house (art director of Crimson Coast) and chatted over some wine and cookies. Then the Project Coordinators (Katy and Mara of Tomorrow Collective) paired us up. It was fun to meet some dancers from Vancouver... they just seem to exude creativity and artsy funness!
My partner is named Lynette and she's trained as a belly dancer. She is into improvisation, which is great, cuz i think this'll be very "by-the-seat-of-our-pants".
It was a cool experience to go to a sort of artist party. i had a few too many glasses of wine but that's allright! (coupled with the martinis i had with my girlfriend as we booty danced in our living room last night = a fine headache and shakiness this morning)
So tonight after i go for dinner with my folks, i've gotta do some brain storming and figure out what i can contribute to this project.
the theme is movement: purposeful motion.
leaves falling from the trees. water. internal organs. earth's rotation. still.
this is exciting!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Brief Encounters

I'm very excited. I'm going to be involved with an experimental/cross media art project. It's called Brief Encounters. "Artistic speed dating meets creation under the gun". It's part of Nanaimo's Infringing dance festival produced by Crimson Coast Dance Society.
Basically, i'm going to be getting paired up with another artist from a different media ie. dance and create a ten minute performance piece. Theme=movement. So yeah, i'm freekin' stoked!
I'll keep posts on this project as it develops.