Wednesday, April 26, 2017

5 things I like: Kim Dorland's paintings

5 things I like about Kim Dorland's paintings:
1. the vibrant colours attack my retinas making the images hard not to see
2. the facture of the paintings brings the images back to the body
3. I can relate to his choice of imagery
4. the delightful play of quick and slow moving elements
5. the human trace in the landscape; an interesting take on the trope of Canadian landscape painting

Kim Dorland

Kim Dorland

Kim Dorland
(I do not own the copyright for any of these images)

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Renew the blogger

Nope, I changed my mind. Tumblr is not so great for blogging. Especially since I want to write little pieces here and there. I do like that it is linked to my instagram, but that's about all . . .
So I decided to post here once more until I figure out how to make a blog directly on my website

This is about collage. I was reintroduced to collage this past year while taking a third year level drawing class at uVic. I always kind of shyed away from collage because it was just cutting stuff out, very grade school craft time sort of thing. What I didn't expect was the kind of visual shock inherent in juxtaposing incongruous imagery. I'm kind of in love with it now and am looking for a way to incorporate it into my practice.
Below are a few samples. I'm thinking about a series of works on paper that explore the concept of "masculine" beauty. I'm drawn to this subject because even though I identify as a straight man, I can appreciate when a man is attractive or good looking. So my question is: what is masculine beauty? Is it a throw back to greco roman body beautiful? or has it evolved? if so, how? what does that look like? what is "masculine" anyway? what is beauty?