Monday, September 27, 2010

A few experiments

Here's a couple of experiments I've tried over the past two weeks.
Negative space exercise

Using directional strokes to create space

Gesture vs. contour

Just some musings in paint. I write the ideas down that I get while I'm painting for other paintings. And sometimes they lead to break-throughs and other times (like above) they are just fun to try. I like to try different things with each painting because I've got a long way to go still . . .
I like to paint using bristle brushes because they give those great slashing and scrubbing strokes! I like the sense of energy and life those strokes lend to the painted surface. I paint the figure because it is so expressive and so shocking when the proportions are distorted and changed. I like the idea of multiple images because it questions the definition of time and space in a painting. I like contrasting my colours with greys because I find the greys hold a vibrance that enhances whatever colour is adjacent to it. I like to paint with my canvases tacked up on the wall because this lets me stand further back from it (I have a small place you see :))
And those are my musings on paint!

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