Monday, February 25, 2019


I wanted to continue exploring the theme of the city with my painting. This time I wanted to be a little more specific so I focused my attention on my impressions of Chinatown in Victoria, BC. It is my favourite part of the city because it has a strange mashup of old and new construction, grids that don't match or line up, red on red neon signs, tile patterns, and various states of repair/disrepair. 
This piece took me a little out of my comfort zone because I wanted to try using coloured gels as lighting. I was worried that it might be too hokey, but it actually enhances the piece in a more subtle way than expected . . . although certain hues (like the blue on the left) were really heightened by the coloured light.

Here are some comments:
-musical, rhythmical
-city scape
-old 3d glasses
-blue highlights doing weird things
-coloured light neutralized on the white wall (interesting effect)
-piece resists interpretation (i really liked this comment)

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Teal: interim critique

It was hard to say whether or not my critique went well, only because it was more of a present-your-work-to-provoke-discussion than a finished piece that my peers and profs could critique. There were some interesting points raised, however.

This 2" square of cut fabric had more presence than all of the other elements. Could be the fact that it is a real-life object taken out of its context; certainly, something to consider going forward.

More images of the install.