Monday, February 25, 2019


I wanted to continue exploring the theme of the city with my painting. This time I wanted to be a little more specific so I focused my attention on my impressions of Chinatown in Victoria, BC. It is my favourite part of the city because it has a strange mashup of old and new construction, grids that don't match or line up, red on red neon signs, tile patterns, and various states of repair/disrepair. 
This piece took me a little out of my comfort zone because I wanted to try using coloured gels as lighting. I was worried that it might be too hokey, but it actually enhances the piece in a more subtle way than expected . . . although certain hues (like the blue on the left) were really heightened by the coloured light.

Here are some comments:
-musical, rhythmical
-city scape
-old 3d glasses
-blue highlights doing weird things
-coloured light neutralized on the white wall (interesting effect)
-piece resists interpretation (i really liked this comment)

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