Sunday, April 12, 2009

More on vulnerability

she's slipped out of my grasp
but i had to loosen my grip
or i would have lost us both
my hands are strong
but my grip was too tight, too soon

if i could do it again
i'd have let go... long ago
that way i could see if she'd come back

now she only stays, tolerates my company
inertia, comfort, support
familiar is all i am to her now

and on my behalf
its been a struggle not to marvel in her loveliness
and spritely being all day, everyday
i have to hold my heart close to my chest
lest it get burned
the body i'd worship
has little tenderness for me
just a cheap thrill now

wilted oriental lily
cut too short at the stem
drank the vase dry
and when there was no chance to get more
it dried