Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Kitchen

Still life of some pretty vases against my kitchen tiles. I'm using some of the theory that I read: Hans Hofmann's "push and pull". It is essentially the simultaneous flattening and deepening of the picture plan using colour contrast, form and spatial juxtaposition. Hofmann thought that line was a weak way to show form . . . I disagree. Contour lines have in them a tactile quality: touching the subject with your eyes.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Your Pretty Blue Dress

(Warning: sappy love poem below ;)

Her silken dress
smooth and slippery
thin drape on her skin
the skin I'm thirsty for

ancient patterns, foreign
billows and sways in the cyclone
passion hot and wild
strewn on the floor
and our cells cry out with glee

carressing your shape
with my eyes and fingers

electric blue spark
so giddy and excited
all doubts dissolve when our lips meet
and tongues
and hearts
linked by our foreheads

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vulnerable Male v2.0

This is a reworking (ie. painted over cuz a had this itch) of the "Vulnerable Male" canvas from March. It has a lighter mood because of the raw colour than the previous version which is reflective of my moods these days ;). I had the compulsion to rework this piece because I saw the study sketch of it in my sketchbook and thought that the sketch was way closer to what I wanted to say than what the canvas turned out as. So here it is in version 2.0! :)

Fashion Illustration 01

An exercise in black and white that turned into a study in greys . . . with some olive green thrown in for good measure.
I combined two poses from a fashion magazine: 1. knee length black leather skirt 2. crazy flowing white dress.
Juxtaposition of two forms to create a third. I'd like to try a few more versions of this I think :)