Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Assignment 04

For this assignment, we are to take a historical painting as reference to make a non-representational painting. We are to study the picture considering composition, value, and colour. We will then take these components and create a painting: not an abstracted version of the historic painting, but something new!
Quite an exciting challenge. Also a little scary because I haven't had much success with my forays into abstraction. In a sense, this shouldn't be that different from the other assignments we've had, because, in essence, each assignment's subject/objective has been to use the subject as an excuse to make an interesting painting. This idea might help me out actually ;)
I'm choosing Turner's "Fighting Temeraire . . ." as my reference painting.
J.M. William Turner, The Fighting Temeraire tugged to her last berth to be broken up
I'm attracted to Turner's work because of the atmosphere he evokes in his images. I'm also fascinated/phobic about the ocean and have had the motive in the back of my mind to create work that explores this fear.
A quick analysis:
-composition: relies on triangles (around the two main vessels) and directional lines (horizon line, bow-lines, clouds motion, reflections etc.)
-value: mostly low key except in the main compositional areas
-colour: mostly sombre blues with fiery sunset oranges, browns, yellows

Initial responses to this study is to create a vertical work as an opposite-reference to the landscape format. I think I'm going to create a lattice of triangles or diagonal lines from which I can pick out a gradation of hues that lead up to a cressendo of light and dark contrast. I'm going to try a few things inspired by Rothko and Marden.
Brice Marden, Couplet IV, 1988-1989

Mark Rothko, No. 61, 1953