Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jenny Saville

Five reasons I like the paintings of Jenny Saville:
1. I'm drawn to the apparently wild strokes but on further inspection, realize that they are planned and help to build the structure of the figure.
2. Her colour palette is very "musical."
3. There's an energy in her painting that I also find in de Kooning's.
4. I'm impressed by the gargantuan scale of her work (some of these paintings are wall sized).
5. It's an affirmation for me that painting doesn't need to rely on being flashy, gimmicky, or trendy. Just do what you do. Paint what excites you. Keep at it and soon you'll have gone where no one else has. Keep painting and you'll make some amazing work.

Rosetta, Jenny Saville

Red Stare Head, Jenny Saville

Reverse, Jenny Saville

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