Saturday, February 2, 2019

Teal: interim critique

It was hard to say whether or not my critique went well, only because it was more of a present-your-work-to-provoke-discussion than a finished piece that my peers and profs could critique. There were some interesting points raised, however.

This 2" square of cut fabric had more presence than all of the other elements. Could be the fact that it is a real-life object taken out of its context; certainly, something to consider going forward.

More images of the install.

The painting above does seem to fall flat and I'm going to rework it, maybe incorporate it with the tall, skinny painting that was to the right of it.
-look at Hella Jongerius "Colour Catchers"
-look at Mary Heilmann: infusing abstract with subject
-think about teals of different eras, lost dyes and pigments
-colour as a bracket of exploration
-reinject the now with old colour?
-presentation provides a narrative build, maybe too easy
-let's me off the hook but also lessen the impact of the painting
-let's the viewer off the hook too since they are being spoon fed
-explosion of process, a bit much
-control vs. loose
-pacific northwest
-measure of colour beauty
-self-conscious demonstration of working through the idea (prefer the autonomy of a painting)
-research of chronology of the hue
-"finding teal" presentation could be read as a narrative
-alternate presentation: book format of source imagery (I like this idea)
-Sarah Lucas "Yellow" 2015

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