Thursday, January 31, 2019

The city as living organism

This piece is based on a reading about the Anthropocene. I interpreted the text and thought of the city as the biggest change that humanity has on the environment (the production of is what produces so much waste and pollution.) So I knew that I would be trying to evoke a sense of the city through the many greys that are present. But I also wanted to infuse the work with personal experience, lived experience, a lived impression of the city as a pedestrian (which is mainly how I perceive the city). Below are the results. I'm quite excited by these and may choose to pursue this line of inquiry to make a larger series.

Comments from the critique last week:
-doorways, windows, walls
-embedded in architecture
-old metal
-shop fronts
-pleasurable experience (muted, subtle tonality)
-concrete walls/layering
-ambulatory system/placement
-more subtly nuanced
-familiarity of space/subject
(this last point being important because it may act as an effect hook for the viewer for future works)

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