Monday, January 21, 2019

TEAL: a work in progress

Since I'm all done my grad school applications (woo) I've found a new project to focus on for the rest of term in the advanced studio class I'm taking. I've decided to explore the idea of the colour "teal." What does this mean? It has a lot to do with the ideas I explored in my piece called "Coral Pink" and highlights the difficulty in naming and translating colours. What I'm most interested in is exploring the in-between states of definable hues Blue, Blue-Green, Green. I want to dig into those unknownable, unnameable stages as hues shift from being defined as one or the other. Can a hue be more than one name? Why is this important? It is important because being conscious of colour is how we navigate the visible world. I want to see what happens when those zones of "in-between" are given some kind of materiality. 
Starting with some quick oil on paper sketches.

Not teal
Anything but teal
Designy calm hip rustic
French country kitchen
Faux finish
Complete with vintage texture

Medicine healing clean
Doctor's office
Dentist soothing
Toothache prompting
Not sweet
Hurts gums in association
Anticipatory root canal
Antiseptic bubbling

Anxious sea
Fathom lurks entangled

Venus fly-trap of hues

Miami Dolphin Soundmachine

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