Sunday, October 26, 2008

Partner has been chosen

So last night i was paired up with my partner for this project. It was cool, about ten of us went over to Holly's house (art director of Crimson Coast) and chatted over some wine and cookies. Then the Project Coordinators (Katy and Mara of Tomorrow Collective) paired us up. It was fun to meet some dancers from Vancouver... they just seem to exude creativity and artsy funness!
My partner is named Lynette and she's trained as a belly dancer. She is into improvisation, which is great, cuz i think this'll be very "by-the-seat-of-our-pants".
It was a cool experience to go to a sort of artist party. i had a few too many glasses of wine but that's allright! (coupled with the martinis i had with my girlfriend as we booty danced in our living room last night = a fine headache and shakiness this morning)
So tonight after i go for dinner with my folks, i've gotta do some brain storming and figure out what i can contribute to this project.
the theme is movement: purposeful motion.
leaves falling from the trees. water. internal organs. earth's rotation. still.
this is exciting!

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