Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Stripe ed Formes

I've had a few of my colleagues and profs by my studio space in the past week to take a look at these paintings that I've been working on. I'm calling them "striped forms" now instead of striped socks because I don't necessarily want to give away my image source right away.
Everyone I've talked to has been very encouraging and don't see these as too far removed from figuration. In fact, that's an interesting part of the struggle and it may be an aspect that I can exploit ie. throw in a bit of the body back in to reinforce the impact of these paintings.
The forms are twisting and moving in a shallow but highly charged space. It is opaque and transparent, flat but also moves in and out.
The lively colours add to the movement, energy, and freedom in these works.
The next step is to size up one of these to 3' by 4' and then maybe even larger. I'm tempted to try one on canvas again, just because at the larger sizes, wood panels become a little heavy and difficult to move and store. Maybe I can tack the canvas to the wall and that would give me the resistance that I like from the wood panels. Or, I could work on a series of smaller panels and tile them together like I did with my large face paintings.

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