Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Identity is a wall of self-portraits

Here's the final install images from my project about identity.

You gotta love that laser level ;)
Some of the comments were: studying, casual, repetition
-like vampires drawing each other, drawing yourself to know yourself
-process: specific vs general
-impressive scale
-tape, appropriate lack of refinement
-container? (referring to overall shape) amount
-space them out more to fill the wall? that would give each one a little more autonomy and enable the viewer to engage with them one on one, with each one individually
-represents the failure of pictures, how 10 seconds interacting with me gives a more complete impression than this series of images ever could (debatable)
-logos: name
-familiarity drives the work
-takes us on a journey, variety of exploration

All in all it was a good crit and my classmates had some good projects too!
On to the next one . . .

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