Monday, September 18, 2017

Kim Dorland - Nemophilia at Equinox Gallery

While I was in town for the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Finals reception, I went to see the show of Kim Dorland's paintings at Equinox Gallery in Vancouver. The show is titled "Nemophilia." One definition of that word is:
Nemophila species are mainly native to the western United States, though some species are also found in western Canada and Mexico, and in the southeastern United States.
I've been interested in Dorland's work since he had an interview published in Border Crossings magazine a couple of years ago. I was drawn to his subject matter (teenage memories) and his garish use of colour. At the time, thick paint bugged me so I didn't dig that in his work. Fast forward a few years, and however many paintings I've made since then, and now I think that thick paint is almost necessary to convey the idea of paint! 
Viewing Dorland's paintings is a confrontational experience. The paintings attack you with their vibrancy (playing with simultaneous contrasts of greys and complements) and their materiality (the paint is literally slathered on in some areas giving the image a precarious feel). 
I left the gallery very energized because I want my paintings to do that too! It was just the kind of recharge I needed to start off my school year :) Below are some images.
It's my dream to have a show in this amazing space.

Landscape Painting, this was my favourite of the show. You can't see it here, but that grey wall was pulsating from the simultaneous contrast caused by the neon pink under-painting.

Side shot. Look how much paint there is one there!!!

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