Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Identi-tea: images of Pete drinking tea?

For our next project for the interdisciplinary studio class, we are to created a work that deals with the issue of identity; the self. Identity politics seems to be an issue that is being revisited in our current socio-political climate by artists. As an artist, your art is intrinsically linked to your identity, just at varying scales of importance. So it is difficult to define what the "self" is, but you can't help but express it in your art.
I started off by considering this project in terms of using my self-portrait to explore emotion and psychological spaces of the self. As I started working, I found that it might be more interesting to express the self as fragments because a single portrait can only capture a fraction of a person's character. In order to create a more complete expression of myself, my plan is to create 100 small self-portraits in oils on paper (quick and easy, no fuss no muss) and then edit it down for the final presentation. I'm quite enjoying myself with this work :)
Here are some samples.

And I like tea :)

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