Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Junkyard dogs

For my multidisciplinary studio class, our first project is to create a response to the space known as the "sculpture yard." It's located just outside the Visual Arts building and acts like a junkyard of sorts for leftover materials and old projects from years past. It is hot and dry in the space with little cover from the sun. Weeds, dirt, and pebbles occupy the yard, a couple of bees buzzing around.
The projects in this class are a handle on which we can define and explore our interests in our preferred discipline and materials. With that in mind, I'm going to respond to this space by making a painting; experiencing the space through a painter's eyes. I did a little sketching and I've decided that my approach will be to create a panorama, using multiple panels (maybe on board instead of canvas because of the harshness of the space, although it might be interesting to have a more poetic response to the space). I want to capture the light and colour of the space and it might be interesting to paint it in several sessions to record the various lighting conditions (and evoke a sense of time passing).
Sample view of the yard

Some inspo!
John Hartman

Kim Dorland
Paul Cezanne

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