Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Collages on going

I made some revisions to the collages that I want to use as starting points for paintings that act like visual poems. I felt that the collages needed a bit more "oomph" so I added some painterly elements and that helped me to open up to the images. Now I feel like there is something interesting happening in the collages that I can hopefully translate into paintings. I'm going to make some small scale pre-paintings (painted studies, I guess) before I make any larger works . . . if it indeed gets that far. I do have school coming up in 10 weeks.
Oh yeah, and I've decided to go to school full-time in the fall and finish up my Bachelor's degree. I then plan on pursuing my art career instead of doing design work. I know that design is a good, marketable skill, but I really want to give this whole artist-thing a go. It's been my parallel life since I can remember so I'm excited at the chance to start now (at the ripe age of 42) and give it my full attention.
Here's a shot of the reworked collages.

And here's a painted study I finished the other night that I think is pretty decent.
Jovian Mermaid, 42" by 30", oil on canvas, 2017

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