Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Another work in progress

Here's my first attempt at making a painting that is more like a visual poem. I'm trying to make something new; I'm bored of painting faces. I've been experimenting with collage and want to start from a source that is already fragmented/intervened upon and see what the results are. First I wanted to make a painting of a sketch I did a few years ago. This type of thing is more akin to stream of consciousness writing, so . . . I need to do a lot of it and not worry if it's bad or good.
Source material. A combination of a figure, Stuart Davis forms, and a duck mole.

I stopped here because I think I've overpainted it already. What I'm planning to do is start a new one using what I've learned from making this one. I think I like the 3rd stage best. Exciting possibilities though :)

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