Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Assignment 03 results: Elation

Elation, 64" by 40", acrylic latex mixed with acrylic on cardboard, 2013
Process images.

Session 1: intuitive marks, trying to find a rythme, ended up white washing overtop
Session 2: finding some of the major shapes, playing with other imagery, destroyed this one aswell (pretty much) 
Session 3: main shapes in place, more or less, checker and binary marks idea introduced

Session 4: Now just a matter of orchestrating the elements, finding balance, meaning of the painting presented itself

Session 5: Floral pattern introduced, subverting the idea of "decoration"

Session 6: orchestrating the green hues (that was so fun!!!)

Session 7: painting was almost there . . . just needed one more push
I found this assignment both liberating and exhausting but I'm very pleased with it. I think what I'm going to take with me the most is the idea of visual weight: trying different things in the painting and making choices on what to keep after seeing how it looks, being conscious about making the choices, and satisfied in the knowledge that in a sense, this is a way of checking your work (like redoing a math problem backwards to verify it). 
I love the acrylic latex house paint! You can cover large areas in very little time and the process of changing the hue with added acrylic paint is a wonderful exercise in colour mixing. I would like to continue using these materials! (maybe I'll try on one canvas next time :)

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