Thursday, March 21, 2013

Assignment 04: Proposal

Self-directed Project Proposal

During the course of this class, I’ve become increasingly interested in the middle ground of painting between high representation and pure abstraction. I find the idea of freeing colour, pattern, or texture from the form very liberating, but I still enjoy recognizable (if ambiguous) forms in a painting. I’d like to try to create a figurative painting using an additive and subtractive approach (visual weight) in the same lines of Philip Guston. I would also like to explore the use of gestural, active, expressive marks to shape a figure and space that plays with the nature of the 2-D vs. 3-D battle in a painting. The imagery will be based on a remembered pose and environment (waiting in the reception area at my dental office for a check-up). I have done a series of timed (10 drawings at 5 minutes each) from a few source photographs to ingrain the form in my memory, but I will not paint from a direct reference.
The three artists I wish to use as reference are:

Dana Schutz

Philip Guston

Willem DeKooning (1940s)

What I hope will result is a painting that features a figure that encourages an ambiguous or fragmented narrative and an obvious visceral, material response. In a way, this project will be a summation of what I’ve learned in Art 211 and 212 and will point the way for me as I continue on in my own work. 

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