Monday, November 15, 2010

Concept discusions

Well! I never thought one of my ideas would be too "conceptual" for an art project. (metronome/pace maker) Mind you, it's a first year intro to sculpture class where the purpose is to familiarize ourselves with process and material not concept (necessarily). Kind of neat though . . . I usually gravitate to the visceral mode of working than the intellectual . . .
But anyways, after discussing things with my prof and ta, we think it would be more beneficial to my understanding of material if I went with the "cosmos harness" idea. Essentially, it's a series of rings that make reference to the edges of my body: my hips and shoulders. I wanted them to rotate and spin around the body but that might not be physically possible. Maquette photos:

I'll also have to think about the joins. It's wood, not cardboard so the joins have to be awesome for this thing to work. Also, I'll have to make sure I have an extra sheet for cutting "test" pieces so they are sweet looking circles. Pretty exciting.

Ike helping me with my maquette :)
The neat stuff you can make with the leftovers!

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