Thursday, November 4, 2010

Assignment 2 brainstorming

Changing everyday perceptions of how the body moves through and understands space:
How do I relate to space? How do I move through space?
I am the figure, it is the ground. Space is the air and atmosphere up to and around me. I gulp it in when I breathe. I like to walk at a brisk pace. I'm tall so my strides are long. My arms are lanky and I often gaze up at the stars or trees or people or buildings and mountains. I walk to clear my head, to ground myself. I also like to jog. I like to feel the wind blowing past my ears and the steady rythme of my legs pounding away beneath me, propelling me forward. Up and down the streets and sidewalks. Leaping over puddles and crunching dry leaves beneath my sneakers. PROPELLER BELT I take for granted how seemlessly I can move into a room, with the occasional ducking down under a low door frame. I move in and out of rooms, from enclosed spaces to open ones. As I move through space, there's always the accompanying sound of footsteps STOMPER It signals my progress down the hall in a steady rythme. The pitch dependent on the quality of my shoes and the material of the floor. METRONOME TO KEEP PACE I like to take the stairs when ever I can because I like the feeling of my legs pushing me up. I guess it's akin to climbing a mountain. FOOTSTEP COUNTER, SPEED BUMPS I like to skateboard. The average street turns into a playground when you're a skater. The curbs and sidewalks and stairs and (gulp) handrails take on new meanings. An entirely different sensation of space: faster, distant, related to the board and then the body. TINY SKATEBOARDS When I'm groping around in the dark to get back to bed, I'm acutely aware of potentially hazardous objects that I might bump into or stub my toe FEELERS LIKE A LOBSTER OR A CAT'S WHISKERS I'm good at seeing where I'm going. Eyes are very handy for this EYE BLOCKING GLASSES

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