Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One more time

This experience of performing / painting live on stage is quite a thrill. This is a really cool opportunity... one that i'll never forget.
Lynette and I had our rehearsal last night. We worked out the frame of the piece. Since it is relies heavily on improvisation, we didn't go over it too many times... just enough to know when our main queues are.
I'm probably going to do a practice tomorrow and then prep the canvases for the final show. i've added some depth to the colour palette just to make it punch a little more. I'm also going to visualize how i'm going to respond lynette... but it's all up to the moment now.

Other thoughts;
a series of paintings on the subject of some of the daily poems that i've written.
giving visual form to my words....
not an earthshaking concept... but something that might facilitate my desire to create experimental work.
i feel as though i'm at some sort of stylistic crossroads... involving my dialogue with oil painting.
do i commit to it and dig as deep as i can and find out if oils can bring shape to my ideas?
or do i start fresh with new and a variety of medium?
"i hate freakin' crossroads"

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