Sunday, November 2, 2008

Brief Encounters

Lynette and I both know what our roles are this piece. We have one more part to work out but other than that, it's "in the bag"! I can't wait to do a full rehearsal but tonight i've got to ask myself "how do we connect?" "how do we bring this full circle?" So i'm going to put the piece we are performing to on repeat until i get a glimmer/seed of an idea.
Feedback from katy and mara was great. they seem into what we are doing (which is awesome) and had some helpful suggestions regarding logistics and "choreography". mara's dog is a lil' cutie too. Lynette and i did a quick run through for them and since i didn't have my gear, i was forced to do some "air painting" ;)

An example of personal/artistic growth:
here's a couple of pics of my paintings.

and here's a glimpse of what we are planning to do for Brief Encounters.

i know i was wanting to get more experimental... watch what you wish for cuz you just might get it :)

tuesday we get together again in the body spirit studio... this time i'll be materially prepared

p.s. the salmon are running in Goldstream if anyone cares. it was my first time seeing a salmon run... twas pretty cool

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