Saturday, November 29, 2008

About to start the first canvas of the tides series.
the first one will be called "drift" signifying the end of my aimless searching for direction in art. that awful moment in between one canvas and the next when for a brief (sometimes not so brief) when you say to yourself "i've got nothing left to say" or worse "what i just said sucks ass i might aswell quit" or even worse "i'll never say anything as good as that... so i might aswell quit" and the moment when your whole body aches with joy in finding that next idea that propels you to the easle.
no one said artmaking would be easy... sometimes i wish someone would so we could all throw rotten tomatoes at their car!

initial sketch from my free flow drawings

sweeling organic life bits

first composition

second composition: ideas taking form now

third compostion: the basis/foundation for the first canvas

should an interesting week!

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