Monday, December 21, 2020

End of 2020 reflections

This semester was one of searching and re-evaluating my practice. I've been searching for my subject, who I am as an artist, and why this is important?

While I was initially following a phenomenological kind of thread, feedback from my cohort, profs, and visiting artists had led me to conclude the following: that painting about painting is not enough to connect to people, and is there anything new that I bring to the table. My work from the summer has been overshadowing the work I've done this term. The vents series (here) points to a specific form and captures an honest sense of being. So I've been trying to chase the success of this work while also re-acquainting whilst re-evaluating my painting practice. Many highs and lows these past four months, nevermind how the instability of the world may be breathing onto the work, but here are some key works I did this semester.

I'm not sure if I'm any closer to answering these questions just yet but I do know that colour is a major element of my practice. Also, process, or a daily practice is also important to the work. So my search continues and I think it's probably a healthy place to be. It may be nerve-wracking and frustrating for my ego, but this development of my practice is long-game stuff. I may not be able to see how it's helping now, but in 10 years it might all make sense. I've been made aware of what's at stake here: my paintings could be easily dismissed as being vapid. And I think being dismissed (or indifferent) is worse than being rejected. 

Over the holiday break and until we get access to our studios again (Ottawa is going into lockdown again), I'm going to mix up and paints and also make drawings looking for single forms that I might be able to probe.

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