Saturday, October 5, 2019

Install tests

Now that I had a couple of pieces painted and ready, I booked out one of the installation rooms and started to play around with how I wanted them to interact with space and each other. It was a fruitful experience and I learned a lot about what works and what doesn't work for me. Here are some shots in progress

Stay tuned for more images of a finalized set-up (I've still got a few more canvases to make ;)

Processing some critiques/comments:
-why are they vertical, not landscape?
-landscape in colonial spaces
-don't shy away from the wall
-a colonial state: what does that mean?
-traveling across unrecognized borders of indigenous lands
-not as innocent as it seems: au courrant (this subject)
-the planes of the image
-we are the vertical element in the landscape
-Sandra Meigs: sloped paintings, personified
-self-standing makes it quickly personified
-the limit of non-objective paintings
-the fallacy of abstract material exploration vs. image
-emptiness of abstraction vocabulary
-Kirk Varnadoe
-Briony Fer
-Cheetham: Abstraction, purity rhetoric
-helps you think about what abstraction is to you
-painting beside itself: about network linked to things outside of the painting October magazine
-Isabelle Graw: keynote speaker in Vancouver "Thinking Through Painting"
-Sigmar Polke, Supporte Surfaces, French group
-Arte Povera

-the wall is important to me
-aware of edges
-scale shifts
-what is it doing?
-what are the spaces in between and around doing?
-animation, but we are the ones moving, Muybridge
-light and responding to it
-light specific/sensitive
-entry into the work but not needed any longer
-bring you into the space
-Jane Ash-Poitras: how does she use colour
-horizontal vs vertical: landscape and the body, physical human body, our movement
-where do things belong?
-how to pull us in?

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