Friday, October 25, 2019


Feedback in point form (so I could keep up with what people were saying):

-empty, absence
-a narration of space, why? overpowering smell (due to paintings drying and poor ventilation)
-confining, ominous
-disruption of the horizon
-space not serving the painting
-you have to physically move to view it
-death, coffins
-horizon and underground
-sky, ground, below ground
-fertilizer? (not sure why I wrote down, I can't remember the context)
-peripheral, not working
-the smooth texture is uncomfortable (!!!)
-don't know what they are paintings of
-the curiosity of colour, exploration, inquiry
-dissonance is working as it should
-non-conventional display
-relationship with time

A few more comments:
-site-specific, what's more important? Triad of painting, space, intersection?
-explanation takes it beyond being in a convenient space: how to make that more pronounced? Could incorporate elements specific to space ie. floor trim etc
-deliberation in terms of surface nuance, tones, textures
-raw feet (could be grey of the door trim)
-to avoid accidental or the happenstance, perhaps angles are present on the plane? shadows?
-will be a fine line to tip over to trompe l'oeil though
-scale and size of the panels for consideration (beyond the pragmatic)
-comes close to corporate decoration but denies that reading
-backs of the canvas? consider, could be another place to reinforce the work, ie subtly, nuance, precision
-trading in subtleties, edges of the canvas
-restate the thesis in every aspect
-does it come from the space?
-shape colour space form
-fine line
-painting the oscillations
-could become architecture
-places of the junctions: could be interesting, painting the space where things meet

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