Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mixing experiment

Seeing as how I'm going through paint like a monkey's racehorse, I thought I'd explore the option of mixing my own pigments. This might save me some money and teach me more about the stuff that I love: oil paint. So I bought some Kama pigment and got to it.

DISCLAIMER: Always use eye, hand, and mouth protection when doing this sort of thing. The pigment gets everywhere and can be toxic depending on what you are using.

Start with a scoopful of pigment on a glass or marble mixing area (clean! so other things won't contaminate your mix). The dry pile while result in slightly less of a pile when it's mixed.

Add some linseed oil (or other medium) and mix it up with a palette knife. Add more pigment/oil depending on the consistency. My mix started out quite sticky so I added more oil. Should take 20-30 minutes to mix it up nice and good. You don't want to see a grainy texture and the paint. If so, keep mixing.

Et voila! I then mixed the pigment with the cold wax and found it to be a rich and lovely consistency. 

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