Friday, September 6, 2019

Getting to know Ottawa

I've been in Ottawa for about a week now and I'm really enjoying myself :) It's fun to wander around and discover the different parts of the city. Here are some snaps of the sights I've seen so far.
Rideau Canal

National Gallery of Canada and Maman

VA building at U of Ottawa

Some cool steelwork on a bridge on the Rideau Canal

Very, very grand entrance causeway in the NGC

This white panel made me chuckle to myself

Kevin Schmidt piece made me homesick. "Stairway to Heaven: Long Beach"

Getting acquainted with the east coast Modernes. Molinari

Michael Snow

Iconic Jack Bush painting

Taking a break in the lovely atrium at NGC

Finishing my first (of soon to be many) visits with some Duchamps.

Library and froyo

Construction lights and scaffolding at night

My studio floor. I share this floor with my 6 cohorts. We each get our own room!!!

View from my window

Set up and ready to go

I'm sure this will come in useful.

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