Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How to be a drawer

I've been making quite a few graphite on paper studies of male models that I found in a fashion photography book and I'm not sure what I want to do with them. I was hoping it would lead me to figure out how to incorporate drawing into painting. Seems as though it as only solidified how separate I feel these two mediums to be.
A drawing is like a thought made visible. It is a measurement of an observation. It is an unfiltered response to the perceived world. It can also be a diagram, a working out of thoughts in visual terms. Drawing can be many things actually, some might argue that drawing is everything, but I digress.
What a drawing can't do compared to painting is have a solidity, a weight (at least I haven't solved that problem yet). A drawing doesn't smell like a painting. A drawing doesn't have the same object/presence as a painting on canvas. A drawing doesn't have the same body/motion of a painting.
Maybe it's good for me to keep them separate as perhaps they are filling different creative needs. It is certainly much sexier to say I'm a "painter" and not a "drawer." I might get confused with a piece of furniture. (ba-dum)

Looking at them now, I can see that they need some kind of context. Or maybe an context that is unusual or unforeseen? hmm . .  .

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