Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Project 2: Surrealism

For our second project, we are to make a piece (no rules pertaining to materials or process) that deals with surrealism in contemporary sculpture. I want to do something figurative. We touched on the topic of the feminine body and beauty. I thought about how that pertains to the masculine body . . . but what about the "ugly"? A few ideas have come to mind about casting a face in wax and giving it gold thread facial hair. Or bejewelled warts. I also thought about capturing "ugly" emotions like anger and apathy. What I'm leaning towards is making a full body cast using red candle wax and having the form wrapped in a gold or metallic ribbon that ends in its mouth: becoming vulnerable through speaking truthfully (which I think is the most beautiful thing!)
Here's some inspiration:
Louise Bourgeois

Mark Quinn

Antony Gormly

Ron Mueck

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