Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What is a painting?

What is a painting today?
That seems to be the main concern for contemporary painters. Instead of being concerned about how a painting is made, the shift has changed to what a painting is? or what is a painting?
My intuition (and knowledge up to now) thinks that a painting is a drawing thats in colour. So already, the boundaries are blurred . . . but that seems to hold true with all of the arts today.
I like the thought of a painting as a drawing. For me, it brings it off it's pedastal as "art" or something sacred and brings it more in line with the casualness of my art. I'm not precious about my paintings. Even today, I made the gallery owner at Dales Gallery nervous because I had my paintings stacked up together in potentially canvas piercing ways lol.
But perhaps painting should be revered as an "answer" to a visual question/problem. A drawing is the proof, the painting is the pudding.(Does that even make sense lol).
Interesting question at the least.

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