Monday, January 17, 2011

Stencil assignment

Kara Walker

Ryan McGinness
Intro to contemporary drawing is pretty awesome. My first "real" assignment for the class is to make a graffiti stencil: one or more colour, spray paint on poster board. The subject is a social/political statement that I feel passionate about. I'm to avoid using iconic or cliched imagery or text. The audience is the class  and the location is the hallway in the Visual arts building so the message can be a little more esoteric than what I'm used to doing for my projects at work. One idea is to play with the notion of unplugging: ipods, cell phones, iphones, computers, person electronic devices . . . experience the world sans soundtrack. Actually, there's a lot of good stuff in that idea there, I think I'll use it. "Don't mind if I do".
Some inspiration:
Shepard Fairey


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Protagitron said...

Did you ever watch Exit Through The Gift Shop? Might give you some ideas on what to (... or not to, heh) do. Looking forward to seeing the results.