Sunday, January 30, 2011

Artist Statement In Progress

My paintings reflect an interest in creating new forms out of the juxtaposition of linear contours of the figure. Over the past year, I have been intrigued by the effects of repetition of form and the use of line in painting. My studies in contemporary art have pushed me to search beyond naturalism to find a means of communicating. The paintings are transitioning from painting that look like things to paintings that are expressions.
I have been drawn to painting the figure for many years now because the forms of the figure yield many moods and emotions without the need for narrative. I am seeking new ways to express and perceive the human body. But even though the figure is distorted and abstracted, I like to leave hints and clues of the subject matter: just enough so the viewer can piece it together on their own. This method enables the viewer to engage with the painting and helps it retain an energy and vitality that my naturalist works lack.
The paintings are characterized by an emphasis on contour lines and the use of repetition and juxtaposition of figures. There is a sense of ambiguity in the figure-ground relationship and with the interaction of the figures with each other on the canvas.
I like to use oil paint because it is versatile: it makes lovely washes and can be used thickly for sculptural effects.

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