Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I may have ressurected my laptop from the dead! Not sure how leaving the thing on all night while it's stuck on the loading screen helps, but it's back . . . for now.
While it's back, I'm going to do a fuller post.
Our next assignment for Drawing 300 is to choose no fewer than 10 objects that relate to our drawing and/or art practice. This is an interesting project cuz it is more like sculpture than drawing. So I'm not sure what the prof is getting at with this assignment . . . drawing as objects in space? or objects as implied drawing?
Not sure how I feel about this assignment yet, but here's some objects from my studio that inspire me or lead me to reverie.

I'm going to present these objects in book form.
We'll have time to talk to Matt next class about the project, so I hope to get some good feedback then :)

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