Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Artist statement in progress.
This latest series of paintings I'm working is very exciting for me, but I'm having trouble verbalizing what I'm doing with these. I hope to flesh it out.

why i make my art?
-I make art to feel a connection to the world. The act of painting or drawing helps me to process how I feel about my sphere of daily life.
-I make art because I feel like there's a gap in the culture that I can fill with my painting. This gap is found somewhere between photographs of people and gestural painting.
-I make art to test the limits of my perception of art. I often ask myself "Is this a painting?"
what inspires me to make it?
-I am inspired by painters who paint the figure in a gestural and abstract fashion. I believe these kinds of paintings have the right kind of life and energy that I'm after in my own work.
-I am unsatisfied with the state of the current visual landscape. I feel it is homogenized and devoid of feeling. I am inspired to try and remedy this situation with my paintings.
-I am inspired by the way colours and light interact.
what does my art signify or represent?
-My art signifies a response to the current monoply of the digital image on the visual landscape.
-My art represents what I think about the way that other people look like.
-My art represents my thoughts about contemporary painting.
what is unique or special about how I make my art?
-My art is unique because I combines representation and abstract simultaneously.
-My art is special because it uses traditional tools to create contemporary images.
-My art is special because it uses contemporary images to create a traditional art object.
what my art means to me?
-My art means a challenge to try and decipher it.
-My art means a trail  that I'm leaving myself to look back on. Each painting leads to another.
-My art means a break from the mundane. I feel in dialogue with all of history's past and future painters and makers of culture.

I guess this is more of a general statement. When I make a exhibition proposal, I could be  more specific? I'm still not quite sure how these things work or function.

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