Monday, January 4, 2016

Assignment 01: Mental map

For my first assignment for painting class with Sandra Meigs, "Routine Pleasures: What makes you so fanciful? Paint a mental map of the many intersections between your daily routines, free-time pleasures, and current painting practice."
A few samples she showed us in class were paintings by Manny Farber.
Manny Farber, Birthplace Douglas Arizona (1978)
Manny Farber, Thinking About 'History Lessons' (1979)
There are very literal in their reading as mind maps, but I like the connection with model trains and Americana to the artist's past and history.
For this assignment, we are to think about what pleasurable activities outside of painting do we devote our free time to. We not just talking about a hobby here, but something more heartfelt. We are also to examine our daily routines and rituals and see how these things work their way into our painting practices. These intersections are the jumping off point for our painting.

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