Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I wonder if I'll ever find my answers on a page in my sketchbook?
I find solace in making stuff.
Soothes me.
Gives me purpose.
Keeps any anxiety manageable
and the silence at bay.
Is it vanity that makes me want to represent my life in pictures?
My life is pretty good, a few things need work.
What does it mean to someone else?
Does my reality touch anyone else?
Surely there must be some common experience in what I show.
I am not that unique or different.

The power of smiling.
Thinking of things that make you laugh.
Melt your heart.
Brings you joy.

Beauty is in the silence.

"There is a reason people are nasty and bitter and cruel." Chris Ware
It's our duty as people to find understanding and empathy for those who are mean to others.

I'm reminded of my little brother sitting at his desk on his first day of junior high school. I peeked in his classroom to see him drawing, nearly in tears. I went in to console him. I remember my teacher saying something to me afterwards about "the little muffin will have to toughen up."

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