Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Just making some stuff

After talking to my classmates and my prof today, my project is going to be all about the material! I'm going to use pvc piping again (cuz I kinda like it) and create a set of units or rules to construct some kind of structure. I'm going to pre-cut different lengths of piping and find different kinds of joints. I don't know what the piece will look like in the end, but I have to use all of the pieces. I'm going to try to make something organic/intuitive out of "commercial" materials. I'm not sure whether I will install this in one of the gallery spaces or outside, and I'm not sure how the pieces will interact with the floor/ground. This time I'll clean the text off the pieces . . . and maybe paint them? That might be too hokey, but it might help illustrate the idea of the process: use a red one, then a blue one, then a yellow one, repeat (repete).

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