Thursday, February 20, 2014

Playtime :D

This is called an Amish puzzle toy. Each of the cloth wedges is stuffed and can revolve to reveal a different side/pattern/texture, supposedly to keep toddlers entertained?!? I want to use this form to create an object that would entice and adult viewer to play with, to touch it, fondle it etc. It will be made out of a felt or plushie or silky material in hopes of registering a sensual (if not erotic) response. Then the viewer will hear the subtle ticking of an egg timer embedded in one of the wedges. This will evoke a few things a) play is dangerous ie. is this a bomb b) I'm on the clock while spending time with this object c) am I supposed to do something with this object ie. solve it? destroy it?.
So I guess I'm off to the fabric store which I think is equally daunting as Home Depot lol.

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