Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Painting in 2013 :)

Paint Is Only Skin-deep, 40" by 40", oil on canvas, 2013, by Pete Kohut
First painting finished for 2013. This work is a riff on the idea of shallow and deep. The shallow via cosmetics, embroidery, stained glass, beverly hills fashion photography. The deep via spiritual (stained glass are rosette windows from Notre Dame in Paris, the only building that made me feel like it was a "sacred" place), the colour blue (a nod to Yves Klein), medieval cloisonne (circle of life and nature etc).
Vapid expression, consuming colour and light, arrested, the rich old ladies in "Brazil", melting glass, oozing colours, lyrical abstract linear shapes, contrast of red-blue and green-blue.
Starting the second half of my painting class with Thomas Chisholm next week. Can't wait to see what projects we are going to be working on :)

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