Monday, October 1, 2012


I'm becoming more aware of the surface of the picture plane. You'd think I'd be all up on that, but it's one of those things like becoming aware of the edge of the piece of paper you've just made that mark on. I'm learning the properties of acrylic gesso and how it helps to make the stretched canvas tight, how it can make the surface smooth and velvety, and also how it can create a tooth for scumbling.
On Wednesday, we start our second painting assignment based on still life. I'm going to restrict the use of one of my major tools which is using traditional colours. So this means I may have to use the opposite colour than I would normally choose or do I choose in a stream of consciousness kind of fashion and see where that takes me? I do want to move beyond simply illustrating an idea into the realm of the image as a forum on which the painting unfolds so maybe I'll give that a try.
I'm going to use a 40" by 40" canvas which will make me work in terms of composition (which is what part of the assignment is about). It is also about spatial relationships, positive and negative spaces. And also meaning, both in the context of the painting and outside. I've never thought of still life objects on these terms before!
Somewhere in all this, I should get started on my independent painting. I'm thinking about making a self-portrait using skype images. I'd like to show these ephemeral images in an "eternal" format.

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