Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An economy of stroke

When I first did a search for this, I got some pretty xxx-rated results. I'm not talking about handjobs or heart conditions. What I mean when I say economy of stroke, I'm talking about using the minimum amount of brush strokes to convey the structure of what I'm painting. My prof pointed out to me today that my strokes become decorative when there are too many, when they are too fussy, and when I'm not sure exactly on what colour to use lol. This means I'll have to think more about my choice of stroke and direction etc. Hopefully this won't leave me paralyzed thinking about painting instead of doing it. Also, maybe for now, I can edit my strokes by scraping them away when they get fussy. It's a fine line between structural and decorative "hey look at me, I'm a paint stroke" strokes. (use of the word stroke in the above = 9)

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