Monday, February 6, 2012

Performance Art: John G. Boehme

I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of performance art. Perhaps its the fact that you can't enjoy it silently by yourself that makes me keep it at arms length, but I do enjoy the idea of it: the body as medium. John G. Boehme gave his artist talk last week and I was intrigued by the notion of "transdisciplinary practice". This goes further than the artist working in several different media to create different things, this term means that multiple media make up the one project ie: a video of a performance, the performance itself, the result of the performance (sculpture, paintings, etc).
The piece that I liked was one where Boehme video tapes the act of hitting golf balls into a heroic-sized sheet of metal, in full regulation-golf attire. The resulting marks on the sheet metal quite interesting because on their seeming randomness. Boehme also leaves the golf balls where they lie and thereby transforming them into sculptural elements.
Golf sure is laden with meanings and strategies for making art . . . especially since it is extremely fetishized with its rules and strict regulations! A fun past-time lol

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